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. : : ATTENTION : : .
. : : STAR FIGHTERS : : .

Boss Kitty has taken control of the galaxy!

Join Clyde Panther, fight through the racous horde of emoji minions,
defeat Boss Kitty, and restore peace to the stars!



He's the coolest cat and knows where it's at. Clyde surfs the stars like a wandering comet, helping when he's needed and enjoying the ride when he's not :)


A total sourpuss bent on conquering star systems and janking up cool parties. With his army of wacked-out emoji minions, he has taken control of a local galaxy and won't leave without fight.


An endless parade of weirdos, sworn to promote chaos. They aren't really loyal to Boss Kitty, but they dig the evil vibe. They will be certain to attack if their style is cramped even slightly.


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